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5 Reasons Why your Party Lifestyle is Ruining your Weekend (and your Week)

If I have to name one of the main things that brings balance into my life on a regular basis, it would be a stable biorhythm (also called circadian rhythm).

A biorhythm regulates your sleep and wake cycle. It sets the time when you wake up and want to go to sleep.

The hormones that play the biggest part are melatonin and cortisol. Melatonin makes us sleepy and is produced when it is getting dark, cortisol is a stress hormone which makes us wake up, decreases melatonin release and responds to light.

In the past, when there was no artificial light, people used to wake up at sunrise and went to sleep at sunset, following nature’s rhythm. But now … our sleeping patterns have evolved dramatically due to the rise of technology (electricity, watches, alarm clocks, …)

The average employee now works a 9 to 5 job during the week. Gets up at 7am, goes to sleep at 11.30pm. But …

In the party weekend that all changes. It’s not exceptional that the biorhythm is severely altered: you go out at 11 pm and go to bed at 6 am.

This means a complete reversal of your weekly working day rhythm.

We don’t have to wonder why so many people suffer from sleeping problems and daytime fatigue? (I am not even talking about people who work in shifts.)

Why are so many people raping their biorhythm in the weekend?

Daywalkers and nightcrawlers

There are two worlds now. One in the week for ‘daywalkers’ and one in the weekend for ‘nightcrawlers’.

In the weekend you have to make a choice: either you choose to be a productive hermit or a late-night party animal. If you stay in, you ‘ll get a lot done, but it ‘ll be hard to meet you friends. If you go out, you ‘ll squander time to be productive.

Let me give you an example …

If I want to go out and get a drink, the earliest I can get my friends outside is 10pm. (If I am lucky).

You could give a dinner at your place before going out. But that’s between 6pm-8pm. The time between the end of lunch and the time of going out is too wide, which results in most people leaving after dinner.

And if I walk into a club at 11 pm, I am almost the only person there …

Why are people leaving their place so late?

Nowadays people seem to be too busy with being busy. Social media plays a big role. Clicking and surfing to make sure you don’t miss out. But the irony is that by your fear of missing out on social media, you actually miss out a lot … in real life.

I would love to go out and meet some friends, but I can’t see them before 11pm and, because I have a regular biorhythm, I start feeling tired at 2 am and want to go home. People look at me funny, but it’s a normal response of my body to an unusual situation

It is no surprise that people  drink alcohol and take drugs to stay up late in the weekend. You need to ignore your body’s signals. Or your body became accustomed to your habitual weekend lifestyle.

That lifestyle isn’t questioned anymore. The majority does it and we comply to this artificial norm. But it’s a false consensus: it’s only the norm because we continue reinforcing it.

But the main question you should ask is ‘does it feel good’? Is it actually what you want? How do you feel the next day and during the following week?

The most important resource in your life is not money or time, it’s energy.

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Here are the 5 reasons why your party lifestyle is ruining your weekend. (and your week)

#1. The adjustment to the working week is harder

You know that zombie mind state on Monday and Tuesday when you’ve been partying late in the weekend? Everything takes a lot more effort.

This is because your internal body clock is scrambled. Your waking up and bed time in the weekend is totally different from that during the week. So it takes longer for your biorhythm to adjust.

It also makes it much more difficult to fall asleep the next days, because the previous days you were still partying at that time.

#2. You will have less energy

Your biorhythm adjusts itself to the rhythm of the previous days. Normally it’s passive during sleeping and  active during the waking hours. If those hours switch, your body will be in the mode of the previous days.

This means that it’s sleepy during the active hours and active during the sleepy hours. This is why the day after a rough night, you feel so lazy and unenergetic.

You know those lazy Sundays in the couch watching movies and series. Right?

#3. You will be less productive

You have less time to do things. You wake up in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday because you partied late, half of the day is already gone. So, besides the fact that you’re less energetic and motivated, you also have less actual time to do things.

#4. Your weekend will seem shorter

Pure time doesn’t exist. We only experience time when something happens and we need events to measure time. When few things happen, time becomes a formless mass without leaving a trace. So when you don’t do different activities in the weekend, your weekend seems less long because there was no variety.

#5. You will have deeper conversations

You ‘re not likely to have the most deep conversations in a loud, dark club. The real human connections we make and talks we have happen in environments where we have the room and time to get to know each other.

Deep bonds form in spontaneous instances.

A perfect place is in when you mingle at somebody’s place, a restaurant or a bar. It’s also an excellent way to warm up the evening and to get to know someone casually and make new friendships.

But it’s different in clubs …

Loud music, intoxicated people and not a lot of room to sit down. Not the best environment to strike up an interesting conversation. You don’t have the time, space and atmosphere to take it slow and to get to know each other more intimately.

There is no actual communication going on besides ordering beers, shouting, dancing and occasional short chat.

Just imagine …

A weekend where you would have dinner with friends at 6-7 pm. You have a drink at a bar and socialize at 8-9 pm and then go to a club at 11pm. The club would be packed at 11pm. Everyone generally stays until 2am and if it’s a epic night, it could be until 5am.

The daywalkers and nightcrawlers could still meet in a mutual time zone.

We already have after work parties during the week, which are a huge success, why not apply the same events in the weekend?

I understand that it would take a big societal shift to start changing our party lifestyle. I just want you to reflect what effects it has on your body and social cirle.

Drop some comments and share your ideas. How do you spent your weekend? Is it difficult for you to meet friends early in the evening? What would be your best rhythm? Let me know !

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