About me



The year is 2007. I suffered from a DEPRESSION. I was overweight, with a lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE, low
SELF- IMAGE and VICTIM mind state. My love life was non-existent and I had no friends.

The world seemed against me in a SELF-PERPETUATING circle. I was full of FRUSTRATION and ANGER, blaming the world for not giving me what I thought I deserved.

I was ESTRANGED from the world and myself. I knew I couldn’t go on living like this. I was hitting rock bottom. I asked around for resources, but nobody gave me useful tips.

Then it HIT me. The true change has to come from the INSIDE. It was both the most FRUSTRATING ( most of my suffering was self-inflicted) and the most LIBERATING thing at the same time  (it’s under my control).

This was the TURNING POINT. It was my first step into taking responsibility.
I discovered HELPFUL perspectives about personal development, relationships and spirituality that gave me a BETTER life. To find the dynamic balance between passive and the active, acceptance and development

I learned new beliefs, attitudes and insights. I took new steps, decicions and choices. It altered my thoughts and perception and in the end … my reality.

It’s been a fascinating journey and I am still on my path, learning along the way. But I have to admit, it was a very LONELY start …

But it SHOULDN’T be for you. If I can do it, you can do it. TRUST me. Other people go through the same thing as you do. The same fears, anxieties and struggles. We can share VALUABLE Tips for a Better Life and in the process create a COMMUNITY of liked minded individuals who INSPIRE each other.

Let’s me support you to become a BETTER version of yourself.

I hope to hear from you soon,

All the best,

Warm greetings,

Filip Van Houte